Nicola Centoducati

Fotografo & Art Director

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Nicola Centoducati, photographer born in Altamura near Bari, works as a photojournalist journalist and as a photographer.
He has collaborated with some magazines.
It makes use of several professional figures and deals with photographic reportage, lending its professionalism to specialized archives and banks, to industrial and advertising photography.
Nicola Centoducati, whose distinguishing features are spontaneity, naturalness and refinement, is specialized in wedding photography, in still life, in personal book and corporate portrait.
Every day passion and creativity are traveling companions.

Photographing during a wedding is really exciting, every day a unique experience.
It is the art of savoring life and telling it through stories, feelings, and the many bonds. Those who at that moment are there to live intensely emotions … stopping an instant of life in movement.
And so photography sculpts your memories and makes them eternal … always alive.

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