Our Team

Nicola Centoducati Studio Fotografico, a team consisting of various professionals (photographers and videomakers), is leader in the wedding reportage, with its unequalled style, inspired by Fashion magazines.

The Studio is highly esteemed for its friendly and kind ways and for its photoshoots, very refined and elegant. The attention to every single detail is the result of natural passion.

Nicola Centoducati Studio Fotografico stands out for the beauty in the unforgettable portraits, the skill capturing moments and emotions.

Only high quality photographic equipment is used (such as drones, lens and sensors).

Nicola Centoducati Studio Fotografico offers a premium /deluxe package photo service which includes a photo book, a video and a little photo album for parents.

The groom and the bride choose Nicola Centoducati Studio Fotografico for “The image that lasts forever